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New Mantis Image

Insect, space

MantisSPACEThis image is continuing my “Space” project. There is a certain amount of 3D visual effect using anaglyph red/cyan glasses, however this is completely optional! I decided to give this image an additional color shift and was more interested in making the insect somewhat ghostly. The original photograph of this Praying Mantis is also quite extraordinary.


Although actually this is rotated 90 degrees because I was holding the branch of the blackberry plant the Mantis was hanging on because he/she was on the underside of the leaf. So the leaf was standing vertically which brought it close to another leaf with a water droplet in the focal plane.

Space Cowboy 2

Insect, space

SpaceCowboy2Space Cowboy 2, Digital Photo-Manipulation, Nathan Fairchild 2018.

I twerked this up last night when I couldn’t sleep. The students are participating in Art Day and the theme is “Infestation”, so Chris had asked if we could put up some of my work. This old idea got a makeover and I printed out some small samples of other pieces I had and the Spiders I had in my office space. If anyone wants a pair of 3D glasses just ask. It isn’t necessary but it is fun to see the effect of Stereo.